Jasmine Diane Summer Brunch

Hey y'all,

So, I recently attended The Jasmine Diane Summer Brunch a 2 weeks ago. Sadly, this was my first brunch (EVER) that I've been to. All I have to say is... WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE!


Seriously brunch is the bomb y'all! I had such a great time and met some awesome people. At my table alone there was a photographer, a blogger, a hair stylist, a candle maker, and a road engineer!


We started our brunch with a greeting from the lovely Jasmine Diane (who was rocking a skirt designed by me! 😁) and opened up with a fun game of ice breaker BINGO! Did I win, uhh no 😒. Honestly, I did not know there was a prize. I was so excited to talk to someone who didn't need me to change their diaper lol! But others won and had some great take away prizes, one of which was a gift card from yours truly! 


After BINGO Jasmine lead us in prayer so that we could dig in! After we enjoyed an amazing meal we opened up the tables for each entrepreneur to let us in on what they do! All in all it was a truly amazing experience to see all these women of colour building their brands and supporting other women! 


I am honored to have been apart of this amazing event and look forward to more events like this to come!!




  1. What did you love about the brunch?
  2. Will you be apart of the next one!?

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