The Esther Project

What is The Esther Project?

The Esther Project is an avenue for Kyrie Eleison Couture to give back to my community. Each year, I select a senior girl (or girls) to serve, who can not afford to purchase a prom dress. I am able to give back to these girls by making a custom gown.

How it all began?

After becoming (somewhat) established as a designer, I wanted to give back somehow. After praying, God lead me to this particular season in a young girls life. He reminded me of my own prom experience.

🎶 Cue flashback music 🎶

It was my senior year and I had just given birth to my baby girl in March. I decided that I wasn’t going to prom. I didn’t feel pretty and diapers were eating all my money. It just wasn’t realistic for me to go. After telling my big sister that I wasn’t going , she looked at me and said “Madas, you’re going to regret not going. I’ll buy your dress and shoes.” 

So we went off to the mall, I picked out an $80 dress and with the help of my sister and best friend we made it happen.

This experience is what lead me to create The Esther Project. I know what it’s like to want to be apart of the festivities and not being able to afford it. I wanted to relieve at least one girl from this problem and make them feel beautiful and stress-free.

Why Esther?

If you don’t know who Esther is, She is one of the great women of the Bible who allowed God to use her to serve his people.

Esther was a Jewish woman who became queen in the Persian kingdom. One of the Kings servants did not like the Jewish people and persuaded the King to eliminate them. Esther’s father figure came to her for help. Although it was dangerous, she decided to allow God to use her to help her people. God did just that. The Jewish people were saved from death all because Esther used her position to confront the king.

Just like Esther I want to use my position and abilities to serve my people.

The Esther Project 2018

I started this movement last year serving one young lady.

This year was great! I was given the opportunity to serve not one but two girls!!  I am thankful for this ability to serve my community and connect with these young ladies.


This young lady wanted to create her own gown. I gladly walked her through how to design her own gown and we created this beautiful look.


Shamaya referred to me. She is living on her own and prom was unrealistic for her. I jumped on the opportunity to make it a reality for her. She looked beautiful and had a great night!

Thank you ladies for allowing me to serve you! I pray that God will continue to work in your lives 💕. 

Want to help the Esther Project grow?

Consider giving to The Esther Project! I have funded The Esther Project with my own money for the last two years. I would love to extend my services to multiple young ladies. In order to do that I need some help. Help me serve more girls by contributing and blessing them with a custom experience for their senior prom!


Your donation will go towards materials, hair, makeup and ticket. 


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