An Ode To Momma

Where do I begin? 



You inspire me in so many ways...

Your strength empowers us. 

You are my strength. Memories of the many times you made a way out of nothing, helping us to keep going. You have always shown me what the word “hustle” really means. You have worked hard your whole life and I am forever grateful for that drive! 



Your creative ways have paved the path that I am on.  

You may have been creative out of necessity, making our own decorations to cut cost and making blankets on the side to help pay the bills. But, you embedded that trait into my blood. Showing me the light to the career I love so much. I am so grateful for the seeds that God has planted through you. I would never have been able to start my career without first learning this skill from you! And now, your passion and abilities not only inspire me but your granddaughter as well!




Your mistakes have become learned lessons. 

I know that our communication has never been the best but you have taught me through your own experiences. You’ve taught me to love my children despite myself, How to persevere through hard times, how to hustle, respect, and so much more. 



You may get down on yourself thinking of how hard our life was when I was little. But I remember things differently.  

You saw family staying with us to get by, I saw just family and fun. Cousin sleepovers! And a strong bond with my aunts! 

You saw a bad neighborhood but I saw culture and passion! Our people are so full of strength and I’m thankful to have grown up in the inner city. It has taught me solidarity and empathy for the city.  

I am grateful for the life you’ve given me and God has shown himself to be faithful. Grandma would be proud of the children you have raised. 

I could go on and on with the many ways you have shaped my life.  


Thank you for taking care of me and my siblings and showing us the way. 


We love you! 



What has your mom taught you? 

How are you celebrating her today?  

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