New Year, New Goals!

Hey y’all! 

So, 2017 flew right past didn’t it?! With a New Year beginning it has gotten me and my family thinking about what goals we would like to accomplish. I always like to write things down. It makes it more “real” for me. So, my and I did just that! We took our goals to a Vision Board.


Vision Board

We created a COUPLE of Vision boards lol. We made one for the goals we would like to accomplish as a family, one for personal goals, and I made one especially for Kyrie Eleison Couture 🤗.  


Why Make A Vision Board? 

I believe that it is important to write out your goals so that you can SEE them and then set a plan on how you would like to accomplish these goals.

My wise friend Jasmine Diane gave me some wise advice on how to accomplish these goals. Aside from writing out your goals, set a time line for them! Break them down into quarterly goals and rank them by importance. This will help us all be more organized and successful when it comes to following through! 


So, what are my goals? 

Well, I have quite a few goals lol! Some of my top business goals are to:

1. Expand

2. Influence

3. Empower


Now that I’ve shared some of my goals, What are some of yours?!  

Let’s make 2018 Great! 😘 


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Esmeralda Lole