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Really though, my name is Esmeralda Lole and I am the face/designer behind the brand Kyrie Eleison Apparel. I was born and raised in good ol’ Kansas City, MO. I grew up in the inner city and stuck in the middle of six kids under one roof. As you can imagine, with that many kids there isn’t much money to go around on clothes, especially for the youngest girl. Luckily (insert sarcasm) that happened to be me. With an older sister, I grew up receiving her hand-me-downs. Of course that left little room for a ten year old to find her personal style. With that lack of pizazz grew a need for one to express herself. So, I dug into my mommas sewing supplies and started adding my personal touch to my second hand clothing. As you can imagine I looked (pause for dramatic effect) a HOT MESS lol. With those badly reconstructed hand-me-downs revealed a hidden passion. Thankfully my mom actually knew how to sew. She started to teach me what she knew, which was how to make pillows and blankets (it was more beneficial for her since that was her side hustle #ChildLabor).

    Once I got the hang of sewing, I started to experiment more with my hand-me-downs. I spent a lot of my down time taking apart clothes and putting them back together so I could understand how these garments were constructed (this was before YouTube was big #90s). Through all my trial and error I FINALLY figured out how to sew clothes. It was then, that I started to truly see fashion as a career. From there I started to look into fashion schools, mainly in New York. I was trying to get the heck away from my crazy family! Needless to say, things didn’t go as planned. I had a beautiful daughter a couple months before graduating high school and that put a stop to all that New York business. I still didn’t let that hold me back though! I attended the Art Institutes-Kansas City.

    In the midst of mid-terms and having a growing toddler, I began to have second thoughts about my career path. In the midst of my doubts God came to my rescue! (Insert super Jesus) I found Jesus and after months of praying for guidance I received a renewed vision for my future in the fashion world. Now all that needed to be done was to map out this new direction. Simple, right? Only with your boy JC. While attending bible study we came across the words “Kyrie Eleison” (in English is translated to Lord have mercy) and it hit me. That’s our new direction! I knew from that point on that God desired to use the talents He gifted me with to bring light to the fashion industry. We are made in the image of God and that makes us beautiful in our own special way. Clothing was made to serve the person and not the person to serve the clothing. This is what KE Apparel is about; to cloth body and spirit.

    Since the beginning of this process, I am happy to say that I am married with a new addition to our family. We are working together to build Kyrie Eleison Apparel as a family and serve the Lord. It hasn’t been easy but as the Word says “for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose”.

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